Free shipping this week!
Free shipping this week!


Where did you get the idea?

Years and years working at Korean market made us to push things more and spread our warehouse trough all other continents. As our other competitors are all-in-one about beauty products, we can proudly say that we are focused on your eyes and making your mean look most beautiful thing people around you will see when they see you 

So, I have decided to buy it, how can I pay for it?

Payments can be made securely via Paypal, credit card and CryptoCurrencies! Yes we accept them! No Paypal account is required to complete the transaction. Though you can view different currencies whilst browsing, all transactions are in USD dollars and conversion is handled by your payment method of choice. 

Someone from your site asked me for some kind of verification after placing the order, why are you bothering me with that?

Let's be honest here. We are living in 21st century where commiting fraud can be one of the most profitable careers. We don't want to enable someone to use stolen credit card to get himself new t-shirt for few bucks. Extra precaution is always nice.

I want to return it!

You can return it in 30 days after receiving it if your order is not as in pictures or as it is described. If problem is different, then contact us and we will try to find best solution for you!

I am happy with my order!

Leave a feedback, send a picture, you will make us happy! 

Can I get a discount?

Every new subscriber will get 10% coupon discount. As for other discounts, every returning costumer will be rewarded just as every month we will try to offer something new!

Can I give you an idea?

Of course, every idea will be awarded!

Where are you located?

       We have our storage currently in South Korea, Germany, Croatia, UK and             the   US of America.